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VERSITEX Advanced Thermoplastic Composite

VERSITEX Advanced Thermoplastic Composite

VERSITEX is More Than Just Tough.

The strengths of Versitex extend beyond physical and mechanical properties. It’s lighter in weight than just about any material you might consider for the same applications. Still, perhaps its greatest strength is its price. Despite its impressive performance properties, Versitex is priced about the same as conventional fiberglass-reinforced polyester (FRP).

Another strength is its workability. Versitex can be cut to fit using a circular saw and exhibits screw retention characteristics similar to wood. Because Versitex is made using thermoplastic polypropylene, it can be formed, overmolded or welded, with no loss of strength. Versitex is resistant to rot, corrosion and mildew, and it is not affected by detergents or cleaning chemicals Plus, it is 100% recyclable during and after processing.

VERSITEX - More Affordable Than You Think
VERSITEX Advanced Thermoplastic Composite

Versitex can be easily cut with a circular saw and exhibits screw retention similar to wood.

VERSITEX Protective Surfaces

Versitex can also be used as a protective surface for structures in which foam is used for insulation or to deaden noise and vibration. For these applications, a thin sheet of fabric is added to one side of the sheet during lamination. This "scrim" promotes adhesion of injected or poured foam systems.

Whatever type or thickness Versitex you choose, it’s easy to ship, store, and manage. Depending on the final size and thickness required for an application (from 0.040 inch to 0.200 inch), Versitex can be rolled into coils up to 1,200 feet in length (standard widths of 96 in. or 108 in.) or cut into sheets and palletized.

Compare Versitex to other materials commonly used in the same applications.

Versitex brings you light-weight impact resistance at an unbeatable price. Versitex is the product of an entirely new manufacturing process that creates a bi-directional thermoplastic composite with excellent physical and mechanical properties, all at a price you simply can’t pass up.

Three-Dimensional Possibilities

Versitex starts out as a flat sheet, but it doesn't have to stay that way. The heat-formed bumper beam below is typical of the kind of structures that are possible. Versitex sheet can be formed and overmolded to create additional structural features. Because it’s made of thermoplastic polypropylene, Versitex is not only formable, it’s 100% recyclable too.

Versitex Comparison Chart

BULITEX Composite - Solutions for GLOBAL Transportation

Bulitex Composite
Bulitex Solutions for GLOBAL Transportation

Custom widths are available. Please call for details.

Standard and Custom Sizes

BULITEX panels, sheets and coils can be cut to your exact length and height specifications, eliminating waste. They are banded in sets of two per trailer for fast and easy installation, or custom packaged for shipping per your specifications, including bulk coils.

  • BULITEX is available in standard widths with custom widths up to 112".
  • BULITEX scuff and wall liners are .040", .060", .080", .100", and .120" thick.
  • Our lifetime warranted scuff liner is .200".

BULITEX can be quickly mounted with ordinary hand tools using common fasteners or adhesives.

Bulitex Wall Panels, Scuff Liners, Ceilings and Translucent Roofs Bulitex Wall Panels, Scuff Liners, Ceilings and Translucent Roofs

BULITEX is Your Final Line of Defense Against Forklift Damage, Protecting Trailer Integrity!

Before Bulitex

Before Bulitex

After Bulitex

After Bulitex

  • BULITEX brings incredible strength and more usable space to trailers without the added weight.
  • BULITEX Translucent Roofs create a brighter interior for faster, easier loading and have increased puncture strength and tear resistance.