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Final Lube "Solid Grease" Plate

For cleaner rigs and garages, for keeping axles, hubs and brakes grease free, while caring for the environment, Final-Lube plates have been the proven solution for over 25 years.

Final Lube “Solid Grease” Plate
  • Eliminates the need to grease 5th wheels
  • A strong, inexpensive solid polymer lubricant plate, Final-Lube bolts onto trailer Upper Couplers
  • Withstands hooking and dropping, won’t tear off
  • Available in custom sizes predrilled, complete with counter-sunk screws
  • Reduces wear on 5th wheels and Upper Coupler plates
  • Increases steer tire life
  • Easier trailer handling for drivers
  • Two-year replacement warranty
  • Install on existing trailers and spec on new equipment
Final Lube “Solid Grease” Plate

Final Lube Gallery (Click to Enlarge)

Final Lube "Solid Grease" Installation Instructions

To install your FINAL-LUBE "Solid Grease" Plate, you will need the following: screwdriver, center punch or centering tool, drill with 1/8", 17/64" and 9/32" (optional) drill bits, Loctite, air ratchet.

Hardware included with your Final-Lube:

Part No. Final-Lube Description No. of Screws Included
MD-12 12"-14" King Pin Settings 13
MD-15 15"-17" King Pin Settings 15
MD-18 18"-20" King Pin Settings 15
STD 21"-24" King Pin Settings 16
STD-24 25"-27" King Pin Settings 16
XL-27 28"-30" King Pin Settings 19
XL-29 31"-36" King Pin Settings 19
XL-36 37"-52" King Pin Settings 19
FL-FR FL-FR Frameless Final-Lube for Frameless Dumps 13

(1.) Degrease both the 5th Wheel and Upper Coupler Plate with solvent, or steam clean to remove all grease.

*** IMPORTANT: Avoid getting water behind Upper Plate when steam cleaning.

(2.) Apply a glaze of motor oil or rust inhibitor to keep Upper Plate from corroding.

*** IMPORTANT: Be sure all burrs are removed from the 5th wheel.

Final-Lube Placement

(3.) Place Final-Lube on Upper Plate as shown in Fig. 1. Note: Beveled edge should be placed toward front of trailer, ensuring Final-Lube is flat during installation.

*** IMPORTANT: If Final-Lube extends beyond front edge of trailer or Upper Plate,

(4.) Mark and install two (2) screws at a time, always working from holes closest to king pin outward. Refer to Fig. 2 for hole pattern.

Final-Lube Hole Pattern

(5.) Using the Final-Lube as a template, mark holes #1 and #2 with a center punch or centering tool. Put a drill mark in the exact center of the hole...always keep the Final-Lube flat.

(6.) Drill holes #1 and #2 with a 1/8" drill bit. Drill all the way through. Note: If you encounter a beam, you only need drill as deep as the screw.

*** IMPORTANT: When drilling, lubing compound is recommended.

(7.) Now drill your #1 and #2 hole with a 17/64" bit. Place a drop of Loctite only at the base of the screw and use an air ratchet to insert Torx screws provided with the Final-Lube. Note: If screws are going in tight or breaking, use a 9/32" larger finishing bit. This will usually be necessary for very hard or thick Upper Plates.

*** IMPORTANT: Screws should be countersunk at 1/8" as shown...No More...No Less!

Final-Lube Screw Installation

(8.) Follow same procedures for the rest of the holes as in steps 6 and 7. Be sure to follow pattern in Fig. 2.

NOTE: Number of holes will vary with the size of the Final-Lube Plate. See chart at beginning of instructions for number of screws included with your Final-Lube.

(9.) If a screw gets broken off and you need to relocate a hole, follow this procedure:

  • Drill 5/16" hole in the Final-Lube next to broken screw hole
  • Countersink hole with a standard 82 degree countersink
  • Install Torx screw per above procedure.

Final-Lube "Solid Grease" Care Instructions

  1. Always be sure 5th Wheels are deburred before pinning up to Final-Lube.
  2. Apply either 85/140W Gear Lube or Motor Oil to the 5th Wheel during regular PM’s or every two months. This is only recommended to protect from corrosion. This will not affect the self-lubricating properties of Final-Lube.
  3. 5th Wheel jaws will still need to be greased. This can be done while the trailer is pinned.
  4. If driver has a sense of "running dry," it is probably due to a completely dry 5th Wheel. Lubricate per above.
  5. Operating with a greased 5th Wheel WILL NOT AFFECT Final-Lube’s operation.

Download Instructions

Final-Lube Tech Data Sheet

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