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Over 320,000 Bed Liners Installed

Medium-Duty Bedliners

E-Z® "Medium Duty" Economical Bedliners

Leading the way with over 30 years of experience in lining dump bed equipment, American Made Liner Systems is the proven industry leader in dump bedliner technology.

E-Z "Medium Duty" Dump Bedliners are the affordable choice for stick-release applications when hauling non-abrasive loads such as dirt, clay, sludge, mulch, kaolin, grain, produce, fertilizer and more. These custom-made liners can be prefabricated to your dimensions for easy installation in your dump truck or trailer. The material can also be purchased in bulk coils, 8 ft and 10 ft wide by up to 200 ft long. For added convenience, available E-Z Liner Kits include scoring, fasteners, metal edge protectors and an easy Installation Instruction Guide.

E-Z® Medium Duty Economical Bedliners

E-Z Benefits

  • Helps reduce sticking and freezing, less chance of roll-overs
  • Proven in the field to outperform competitive liners
  • Reduces carry-back


  • 1/8”, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"


  • 8 Ft., 10 ft. and 12 ft.


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