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American Made Liner Systems

2600 Neville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15225

Phone: 412-771-3300
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Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm EST

Our bedliner professionals are available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST. Find immediate help below, or contact us at 412-771-3300. For local customers, we offer dump bedliner installation and repair at our facility.

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To set-up an account with AMLS, download the Credit Application and the Release of Information form and fax back to begin the approval process.

Our highly experienced team is ready to serve you immediately:

Inside Sales Manager:

Jason Williams
Phone: 412-771-3300 ext. 104
Fax: 412-771-3323

Sales Associate:

Tom Turkovich
Phone: 412-771-3300 ext. 106
Fax: 412-771-3323

Production Manager:

George Howe
Phone: 412-771-3300 ext. 110
Fax: 412-771-3323

Office Manager:

Alisha M. Kendall
Phone: 412-771-3300 ext. 100
Fax: 412-771-3323