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American Made Liner Systems

American Made Liner SystemsFounded in 1983, American Made Liner Systems, now a division of American Made Systems, Inc., is the premier manufacturer of rigid polymer lining systems for the transportation industry, specifically haulers using dump trucks and trailers. Utilizing technological advances in polymer science, AMLS was the first to introduce UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) and HMW (high molecular weight polyethylene) plastics as the most effective way of reducing sticking and frozen loads.

AMLS continues to devote its expertise to solving protective maintenance and load release issues. Each dump bedliner is custom produced based on specific customer requirements. The customers’ typical hauling practices will determine which dump bedliner is best suited for their needs. For example, RE-PRO Bedliners will withstand heavy-duty hauling such as rock, limestone, gravel, coal, flyash and other more abrasive loads. E-Z Medium Duty Bedliners help to release less abrasive, sticky loads such as dirt, sand, clay, sludge, mulch, kaolin, grain, produce, fertilizers and more. Hot asphalt haulers find ARMOR GREY HT Bedliners the optimum solution for releasing loads as well as hauling rock.

Our continued development of polymers for the transportation industry has positioned American Made Liner Systems as the recognized leader in high-quality liner systems. We welcome your inquiries and requests for competitive price quotations.

Our Material Offerings:


The “most versatile” dump bedliner can handle hot asphalt one day and rock/concrete the next, maximizing the usage of your dump equipment and lowering maintenance costs.


“Heavy Duty” Dump Body Bedliners allow for low scope dumping, less sticking and freezing while protecting the bed from heavy, abrasive loads in steel and aluminum dump bodies and trailers.

E-Z "Medium Duty" Dump Body Lining System:

E-Z Liner is an affordable option for stick-release applications when hauling non-abrasive loads such as dirt, clay, sludge or mulch.

FINAL LUBE "Solid Grease" Plate:

Trailer 5th Wheel Polymer pad permanently mounted to the Upper Coupler Plate and designed to eliminate greasing.

BULITEX- Ultra High Impact Sidewall/Scuff liners:

“The Ballistic Scuff Liner.”This sidewall/scuff liner combines a thermoplastic composite material with an exclusive weaved fiber to provide the highest impact-resistant material industry wide.


VERSITEX is manufactured via a proprietary process using non-woven continuous glass fibers which are impregnated with polypropylene then laminated together. This creates a 0/90° bi-directional structure that has excellent physical and mechanical properties, plus one more critical advantage: price!

How to Order:

AMLS makes ordering material simple and easy with five convenient options:

By Phone: 1-800-356-0524 or 412-771-3300. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of representatives is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (EST) to place your order and answer any questions you may have.

By Fax: 412-771-3323. Simply fax your purchase order any time of day.

By E-Mail: You can email your Purchase Order to

By Mail: You can easily place your order via USPS mail by sending to:

American Made Liner Systems
Attn: Customer Care Dept. – Order Enclosed
2600 Neville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15225By

Sales Representative: Your sales representative is available to help you place your order and answer any questions.

Order Confirmation:

Every order received will have a follow-up Order Confirmation faxed or emailed within 24 hours for your review. We recommend checking for any discrepancies upon receipt. If changes are necessary, please notify your Customer Care representative immediately.

If you do not see an Order Confirmation after 24 hours, please call your Customer Care Representative or resend your Purchase Order.

Lead Time Confirmation:

You’ll know in advance when your order will ship so you can spend less time following up and more time on the job.

Material Warranty:

We stand behind our quality products - Period! Click here for more information.

Material Damaged:

Please report any damage caused during transit immediately to an AMLS Customer Care Representative upon receipt. Please check material closely; photos of the damage may be requested and/or the material returned to AMLS for evaluation.

Short Shipment:

Short shipments must be reported to AMLS within 48 hours of receipt of order. Please fax a copy of the signed Bill of Lading and packing slip to your AMLS Customer Care Representative and note the item and number of pieces short.

Replacement Sales Order:

If a replacement sales order is required, the new Sales Order will be invoiced for the price of goods sold. If material is required to be returned, a credit memo will be issued to the invoice pertaining to the return. Please see Return Material Authorization.

Return Material Authorization:

A Returned Material Authorization Number (RMA#) must be obtained from AMLS’s Customer Care Department by calling 1-800-356-0524 or 412-771-3300 prior to returning material. AMLS’s receiving department will not accept delivery without an RMA number.

Please note that receiving a RMA does not automatically authorize invoice deductions. A thorough inspection of the material must be conducted by a AMLS Quality Team member. If a credit memo is authorized, it will be issued only after this inspection is completed.

Please contact your AMLS Customer Care Representative for shipping arrangements to return material. Remember to always clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of each returned item.

Please provide the following information to receive a RMA number:

  1. Your purchase order number
  2. AMLS Sales Order Number
  3. AMLS Invoice Number
  4. Explanation for RMA request

Invoice Debits:

Debits on invoices are not to be taken without AMLS’s prior authorization.

Please provide the following information to receive a credit memo authorizing an invoice to be short-paid:

  1. Your purchase order number
  2. AMLS Sales Order Number
  3. AMLS Invoice Number
  4. Explanation for debit request